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7 Ways to Get Money Without Becoming an Employee

In fact, idle times can also be put to more productive activities like, develop skills and enrich the knowledge. Because it could just be that things will come in handy for travel your career in the future.

The good news again, this time there are hundreds of jobs online that can help you earn money easily, without having to work in the Office. In addition to the options, With online jobs you can earn money easily without having to become employees. Online jobs also require no hard criteria and require hard work. Then what are some online job is it?Here’s more information.


Use your creative skills

Almost everyone has a hobby or skill that they get to have fun. Maybe you expert knitting, creating cosmetic products, or making jewelry. Whatever it is, the bakatmu might be able to make money by selling on sites like Etsy and Pinterest. You can carry a biometric gun safe along, to be secured all the time.
And for you who have a hobby of photography, try jepretanmu results on license Getty Flickr, or hundreds of business websites that are willing to pay for the collection of your photos.

Become A Freelance Writer

Now, for those of you authors who have solid skills and genius, can join on platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Script, iWriter and so on. There such sites thousands of authors from all over the world, join to market the paper he wrote with paid high enough.

Become A Ghost Shopper

Are you fond of things like criticism and evaluation? Usually, people resent that kind of attitude, but clients who wish to pay it very much and recently request the higher.
Ghost Shopper running their jobs by going to restaurants, shops, hotels and other places, For then, wrote down their views on a report on sites like MysteryShopping.com, about their personal experiences in these locations.

Participate in medical research and Clinical Testing

This is definitely not a good idea for everyone. How does? In Clinical Testing You will be made the object of research and it has a pretty big risk. Indeed paid offered passable tall, but you need to consider it again, because the health issue is not something that can be treated with light.

Become A Tutor

Tutor is the number one activity that can earn money instantly. Plus more, later also in demand more and more and the pay is quite high. Because the Middle students repeatedly to learn all sorts of lessons such as foreign language, mathematics, science, chemistry and others.

The Online Survey

Get pocket money with online surveys? Why not, just by answering a question from a survey online at websites such as Mysurvey.net, JB Hi-Fi, Myer and Woolworths, you will be paid for with some money and compensation vary.

Workers and technicians Online

Every city has citizens who need help to keep their homes clean and functioning properly. But most of them do not have the time to spare or are not good at repairing things.
If you do not mind in the physical work, focus on the field and get paid for it. Easy, you just need to do a clean-up and so on through the site AirTasker which is menyedakan job vacancies for those fields.… Read the rest


5 ways that should be Known in building a Startup

In the startup world, it’s easy to fall into the abyss of a habit that only give priority to act sooner than thought and ultimately failure and chaos that will be obtained. The progress of business is indeed your main purpose . But think the impact of what will come today, tomorrow, and the future for your business.


1. Wait for your chance

Although you have hundreds of the best ideas to the business, but we suggest you hold the first to introduce your business to the customer, make sure the time is right, and find out what they need and crowded discussed, how did the actions of the other business man. This will help to consider your strategy when will start issuing product andavoid from bankruptcy early.

2. To do with the quality Perform

When you first start a business, it is interesting to choose a vendor that provides the fastest and cheapest thing you should tend to be more discreet. When making critical decisions about the production and a partner, try to always consider whether the bid was the best deal.

3. Documentation

Make documentation everything related to your business, every aspect of the company such as partnership, customer, and all operations are running should be documented because you may not be able to maintain and keep it in your head right? Because when a person is joined in Your company, they certainly need all the documents, and it also helps them to work effectively, regularly, and use it as a rule remain in your company later.

4. Finance

As a founder you have to prioritize, as this accounting into consideration about aquality do you have a business that is worthy or not. If you don’t have the ability to do it yourself, you can hire a head of finance that can do it for you or it could be by hiringmanpower accountant. You must demonstrate control over finances and indicate the size growing financially. When you’ve been growing and growing, you can make a report accurately and seamlessly to stakeholders.

5. Prepare a strong support system for employees

Employees who are interested in a startup usually develops quickly and has a high sense of adventure. Employees need to feel valued and feel safe and motivated to work hard every day, make sure that your team can give the most like what you expect and what they expect from you, give a clear description of manual tasks to provide comfort on your team.

Here’s 5 ways that should be Known in building a Startup, make sure you use these 5 ways yes, let what you try to get the maximum results, and your startup grows and grows.


7 Things To Avoid When Starting A Business

There are many things to be learned by the businessman, General tips and tricks to do business is good and correct. But for you beginners business there is also some confusion about the mandatory business you know so you can avoid all that error.


This will concern the future of your business, whether to develop or not? So you’re not confused about anything that you should avoid in doing business, the following seven simple things You must avoid in doing business:

1. Too late

An entrepreneur must act early is the right moment. You should be able to avoid the delay especially if it concerns the future of your business, for example, meet with clients.

When meeting with the client is obligated to avoid the delay, because it’s very concerning the continuity of your business. And plan all planning (plan) the scheduled business without any word just one second too late. Adjust schedule as much detail as possible so that there are no missed activity.

2. Too focused to get rich quick

Entrepreneur not only traders calculate profit and loss continuously. Start a business with the dream of becoming filthy rich will most likely be dismayed if failure.

There is no evidence that the entrepreneur generates profits are higher on average than ordinary workers. There is plenty of evidence that the risk of failure is higher as a businessman. There are several businesses you have to start with the first loss, it is very necessary to build your business position.

3. Treat the Wrong client

For an entrepreneur, the customer or the buyer is King. Especially in business services. Once done the unpopular client, then the reputation of the business you will be disabled.

You should be able to recognize as your clients and what he or she likes and dislikes. Do not let the simple mistakes that you do can make you lose them.

4. Errors in determining the business organization

The intent is to early to do business you need a business forum which can help you to build the character of your entrepreneur . It is also very helpful to you in exchange ideas about business.

However, if one chooses this thing even business organizations will destroy your business, because in business organization that there will be many other businessmen. When you get a partner or mentor is wrong they will abuse your ignorance about business to drop the business that is being pioneered.

5. Do not solve the problems by yourself

Entrepreneur should master the field of endeavor that he run. Too trusting in others or submit any decisions to others would be bad on a business that developed.

Some people even dare to assert that efforts such as the child. Should be treated and raised himself, entrusting everything to others it would be risky to your business.

6. Mix the business capital and profits to meet daily needs

Remember, we have to make a pretty good financial cash despite its nature may still be simple. Do not then use the profits of capital and business results for our daily needs.

If you are forced to take cash from, then suppose that the loan must be repaid immediately. Venture capital and profit must be separated from the everyday purposes because if mixed then it will ruin the financial coffers.

7. Love to own business

If you have intention to open jobs, why not pay people to exercise some power your responsibility if your business start growing?

This is beneficial because you can think of expanding the scope of work with your ideas to another without technically burdened business you start first. Grow your business with Your partners. Eliminate your short thoughts that other personnel pay will harm you.

That’s some of the things you should avoid in doing business, not just the tips and tricks that you should master in business but also simple things that he says he can become your mistakes in running the business.… Read the rest