How to Find Ideas for Building a Startup

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Looking for a business idea to build a startup is indeed not an easy thing. If looking for him on the Internet, you will find lots of ideas there. The thought is normally obtained from existing issues encompassing us. One of my friend said if you want to find an idea for a startup product, you simply look at facebook. Note all of the features andsurgical one-on-one, and I think the time have a point too. Facebook has several features such as sharing photos, as possessed by Instagram. Facebook also has a feature to manage events, such as those owned by Eventbrite. as well as his other features (please your own surgery). In short, there are 2 advice that made me so Imade her a best advice in search of ideas. and it seems like this advice should I shareto you.


The best advice I got from-you know it’s who-Co Founder StartupBisnis Rein Mahatma #MeetUp2 Startup UIN at the time with a theme of ‘ Build Your Own Startup ‘. At the time he was attending as a speaker. There is one slide that took my attention, quite where the slide contains only words/advice:

“Ideas are big or small, effortnya the same. but resultnya can be different from heaven and Earth. “

I’m trying to digest what the meaning of the words. in my glasses, it means any ideas you have, whether it’s an idea with a business model that is complicated or simple, the idea of creating an e-commerce or creating a mobile application, or any idea that, to make him successful, his efforts will be the same with the other. but the outcome could be far different. then arose the question in my head why like that?

The word startup has the meaning of a new effort begins. because the Word startup in silicon valley, so the business model refers to the SV. so too with its development. The result of the ideas could be much different from once it’s because you haven’t seen more against the idea. Let’s look at the business model that has already proven very like Ebay & Groupon. It has been very evident because in the course of their long already in the US IPO & Japan. the question is, would be brought where the idea of your business? Therefore, the second that I can advice is:

“You can ignore everyone’s advice. Just learn from the pattern. “

That is, to discover a thought, you basically see ” her ” example of some current startup. How they came to be in the next 5-10 years? more or less, the result of a startup idea will you create will approach or even equal to them. whether it be a get, get let incubate, or IPO. However, if the business idea you have nothing at all throughout this world, or the new sort, it would be a great question for you in the future.